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Terms and conditions


Advicent Solutions LP, or Advicent Solutions of Canada, ULC on their own behalves and on behalf of their affiliates (collectively, “Advicent”)  own or have the necessary rights to license to others certain computer programs which are marketed under the NaviPlan® trademark (the “NaviPlan Software,” the “NaviPlan client portal,” or the “NaviPlan LEADS Software”), and the Profiles™ trademark (the “Profiles Software”  or the “Profiles LEADS software”), and the Advisor Briefcase® trademark (the “Advisor Briefcase Software”). In addition, Advicent has entered into one or more agreements with third parties (each a “Third Party Provider”) pursuant to which Advicent is entitled to provide data hosting or other services or integrate software, data, services, or other products owned by the Third Party Providers (the “Third Party Software”) into the Licensed Software (as defined below) and to license same for use by clients of Advicent on the terms and conditions of this End User License Agreement.

Advicent, or the duly authorized licensee or sublicensee of Advicent with whom you are dealing (sometimes herein called a “Licensor other than Advicent”) is willing to grant you (sometimes herein called the “User”) a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license which would enable you to use, in accordance with and subject to the provisions of this End User License Agreement, such of the NaviPlan Software, Profiles Software, Profiles LEADS Software, NaviPlan LEADS Software, , or Advisor Briefcase Software, and any enhancements, supplements, optional components and updates to such Software that are made available to the User by Advicent from time to time, and Third Party Software, which is made available to the User from time to time, together with the related documentation (collectively, the “Licensed Software”).

GRANT OF LIMITED LICENSE. Subject to the terms and conditions of this End User License Agreement and any other terms included in any license agreement, including payment of all applicable license fees, Advicent hereby grants to you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable license: (i) to use the Licensed Software; and (ii) to the extent applicable to your license and upon payment of all applicable fees for ASP Services (as defined below),: (A) to access and use the Licensed Software via Advicent’s hosted Web site (the “Web Site”) and store and retrieve information and data pertaining to such use through the Web site in the ordinary course of your business (collectively called the “ASP Services”); and/or (B) permit access to the portions of the Licensed Software intended for consumers (the “Client Software”) through a URL designated by Advicent; all in accordance with the terms and conditions herein.

AFTER-SALES SERVICE. During the term of your license, you may have online access to certain training materials at no extra charge. After-sales service, on-site training, and technical support may be provided by Advicent to you from time to time during the term and any renewal period at Advicent’s standard rates then in effect unless otherwise agreed to in writing by both parties. Full details and descriptions of the services, training, and technical support that are available shall be provided by Advicent to you upon reasonable request.

COMMUNICATIONS. You agree that communications between you and Advicent, including information respecting enhancements and updates to the Licensed Software, may be made by e-mail.