Driving Efficiency Across Client & Advisor Experiences

To meet high client expectations for both more autonomy over their financial lives and more personalized experiences from advisors, firms need a holistic digital strategy that both scales advisor productivity and powers client self-service.   Today’s wealth management clients expect more personalized, proactive service from their advisors. That means advisors can no longer rely on a […]

Winning the War for Client & Advisor Retention with Digital Engagement

To retain both clients & advisor retention you need unified digital portals that…    In 2024, a perfect storm of technological and competitive forces is making both advisor and client retention more difficult than ever. As the Great Wealth Transfer picks up speed, children are switching firms in large numbers. Fintech firms are growing fast, especially […]

Why Digital Experiences Are Key to Unlocking Growth in 2024 & Beyond

In 2024, wealth management can’t expect to grow by embracing the status quo. To prosper, they need to adopt a holistic strategy for delivering superior digital experiences to pre-clients, clients, & advisors alike.   Disruption continues to rock the wealth management industry, and it is more challenging than ever to win new customers, increase wallet share […]

InvestCloud Appoints Jeff Yabuki as Chairman and CEO

Yabuki’s Motive Partners role expands to include Chairman & CEO of InvestCloud, which sets the stage for the Company’s next phase of growth January 10, 2024 New York – InvestCloud (or “the Company”), a global provider of wealth and asset management solutions, today announced the appointment of Jeffery W. Yabuki (“Jeff”) as Chairman and CEO. […]

InvestCloud Appoints James Young as Chief Information Officer

InvestCloud continues to bolster leadership with top industry talentJames Young will also join Motive Partners as a Senior Advisor January 4, 2024 New York – InvestCloud, a global wealth management software leader, today announced the appointment of James Young as its Chief Information Officer (“CIO”), responsible for the company’s technology strategy, product development, and operations. […]

InvestCloud Overview

InvestCloud Overview Welcome to InvestCloud – where innovation meets impact. Discover who we are, pioneers in transforming the financial landscape. Uncover our commitment to cutting-edge technology, tailored solutions, and a relentless drive to redefine the future of finance.

Accelerating Advisor Experience

The right technology allows advisers to focus on what matters – their clients November 3, 2023 Look no further than today’s headlines and see the tremendous impact that technology is having on virtually every industry. The wealth management industry is no different – with major shifts over the past few years due to the adoption […]

APL: A Network of Trust and Scale

It’s time to take another look at what makes APL so special October 23, 2023 In the second of our series on APL, we examine the power of the platform’s network—the industry’s largest—and why so many partners trust APL to execute a million transactions a day.  In our first blog in this series, we decided […]

APL: Reliable, Scalable & Modern

October 17, 2023 APL. You’ve probably heard of it. You may even have a sense of what it’s about. But before you think you’ve got APL all figured out, maybe it’s time to take another look… APL is a trusted partner to the financial services industry, powering a massive network with over 150+ top asset […]

The Cambrian Explosion of AI

Unleashing a New Era for Wealth Management October 12, 2023 AI is already transforming the way we live and work, and we’ve only just begun to see its impact. Already, technological solutions are hitting the market that we couldn’t even have imagined a few years ago, and the rate of growth is only going to […]