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Transforming portfolio management, trade execution, accounting & performance measurement.

The APL Network provides access to the industry’s largest network, including 150+ leading asset managers and 60+ custodians and sponsors. APL supports one-click trading with powerful exceptions management and automated reporting and accounting. Leverage a single, secure & scalable model repository, and support trading & reporting for multi-vehicle/multi-asset accounts, UMAs, and more.

Customer success story

“Having both wealth managers and asset managers within the same firm, Raymond James relies on InvestCloud for tools that drive efficiency in both our enterprises. APL gives us a toolset that allows for singular actions with less repetition and more operational efficiencies as we scale. We are excited to build the future of our businesses together.”

Al Caudullo, Asset Management Services, Raymond James

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APL Network Product Suite

Automate complex trading & reporting across the industry’s largest network.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management enables advisors to tailor and oversee client portfolios using diverse criteria, offering detailed reporting, dynamic dashboards, and comprehensive views for informed decision-making.

Home Office Trading

Home Office Trading provides a sophisticated platform for seamless trade execution across broker’s digital interfaces. Integrated with major custodians, it aligns flawlessly with the investment firm’s ecosystem.

Rep as Advisor

Rep as Advisor delivers comprehensive portfolio management for non-discretionary advisors with crucial guardrails. It maximizes value with features for custom portfolio creation, strategy implementation, and detailed performance and risk reporting.


Rebalancing empowers advisors to automate time-consuming and risk prone tasks and is leveraged by many of the largest financial institutions, banks and robo advisory firms.


InvestCloud Billing streamlines fee calculation and invoicing for money managers. Tailored for diverse client billing, it ensures efficient, accurate processes for a seamless digital experience.

Rep as PM

Rep as PM allows RPMs to create single-sleeve models for clients, offering flexibility in selecting individual securities based on their portfolio insights. This enables crafting of customized investment solutions for unique client needs.