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We are a California-founded company that has grown from an idea in a garage to a platform with over 550 direct clients and over
$6 trillion of assets in just over 10 years.
We are a California-founded company that has grown from an idea in a garage to a platform with over 550 direct clients and over $6 trillion of assets in just over 10 years.

We recognize the value in fresh perspectives as well as seasoned experience and our staff reflects this. We are a team of entrepreneurs, operators and artists. We maintain a local perspective globally – working from New York, Los Angeles, London, Geneva, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. Our business development team is committed to ensuring our clients and partners feel empowered with InvestCloud.

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Jeff Yabuki

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Yabuki is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of InvestCloud. Jeff is also a Founding Partner and Chairman of Motive Partners. Jeff brings a wealth of experience in scaling the world’s most renowned financial technology business, including a career of extensive mergers and acquisitions, complex integrations, organizational design and talent acquisition, product innovation, cost-saving programs, and capital allocation. Prior to joining InvestCloud and Motive Partners, Jeff was the Chairman and CEO of Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV), a global leader in financial services and payments technology. Jeff served as its Chairman from July 2019 to December 2020; and its Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Fiserv Board of Directors from 2005 through June 2020.  Jeff is Chairman of the Board at Sportradar Group and is a Board member of Royal Bank of Canada and Nasdaq.

a black and white photograph of Robert Heyvaert, wearing a suit, seated in a chair

Robert Heyvaert

Board Director

Rob Heyvaert is a Board Director of InvestCloud and Founder and Managing Partner of Motive Partners. He is also Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Board member of Motive Capital Corp II and formerly held the position of Chairman and Board member for Motive Capital Corp, the special purpose acquisition corporations sponsored by Motive’s funds. He is an experienced financial technology executive and entrepreneur, having held senior leadership positions in the world’s leading financial technology firms and having founded, scaled and exited two industry-leading global financial services and technology consulting firms. Rob started his first company, Cimad Consultants, at age 24 and built a real-time capital markets settlement engine that became the backbone of European clearing and settlement. Rob then founded Capco at age 34, which went on to become a leader in financial technology advisory and execution.

Headshot of Richard Lumb in black and white

Richard Lumb

Board Director

I have been a member of InvestCloud’s Board of Directors since February 2021 and an Industry Partner at specialist fintech private equity firm Motive Partners since 2019. I was previously Group Chief Executive – Financial Services and a member of the Executive Leadership team at Accenture. I led the acquisition of Duck Creek Technologies, now the SaaS leader in the insurance industry, and served on its Board from 2011 to 2019, including as Chairman from 2011 to 2016

Headshot of Heather Bellini in black and white

Heather Bellini

President & Chief Financial Officer

Heather Bellini brings a wealth of experience in the technology and financial sectors to her new role. She has served on InvestCloud’s Board of Directors as Chair of the Audit Committee since May 2022. Bellini served as a Partner and Managing Director at Goldman Sachs for nearly 10 years before joining cybersecurity software company Deep Instinct as CFO in 2021. At Goldman Sachs, Bellini led the Technology Research Group and served as an equity research analyst, specializing in the software sector and Internet-related companies. During her time at the company, Bellini led the research diligence and investor education initial public offering for 20 companies.

James Young

Chief Information Officer

James boasts a 30-year tenure in senior technology roles at JPMorgan Chase globally. From London to New York, he recently served as the deputy CIO of the Corporate and Investment Bank, following his role as the CIO for Asia Pacific. Starting as a Software Engineer in London, James evolved to lead global development teams. His career highlights include being the Global CIO for Wealth Management, managing technology and operations integrations during key mergers. With extensive digital experience, he oversaw wholesale and consumer digital technology groups, including the modernization of chase.com and Chase Mobile as the CIO of Digital in the consumer business.

Shawn Donovan

Chief Revenue Officer

Shawn Donovan is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in financial services and technology. As the newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer at InvestCloud, he is responsible for global sales and account management strategy, with a focus on enhancing value creation and delivery for clients. Shawn specializes in business transformation to drive profitable revenue growth and is deeply committed to cultivating talent, developing best-in-class process and achieving consistent strong performance. He has a proven track record in building sales teams and models that deliver results.
Photograph of Pete Hess standing atop a mountain with a view of other mountains in the background

Pete Hess

Chief Revenue Officer, Americas

Pete Hess serves as InvestCloud’s Chief Revenue Officer, Americas. In this role, Pete is responsible for solution strategy, sales and delivery of InvestCloud’s solutions to independent wealth and asset managers across the globe. Formerly President and CEO of Advent Software prior to its acquisition by SS&C in 2015, Pete spent twenty-three years with Advent helping to create innovative technology solutions to drive and support growth across wealth, asset, and alternatives management businesses. Just prior to joining InvestCloud, Pete spent five years working in the Private Equity world as CEO and operating partner with Vista Equity Partners and Welsh Carson Anderson and Stowe. Pete holds a BA from Princeton University.

A photograph of Christine Ciriani skydiving

Christine Ciriani

Chief Revenue Officer, International & GM, APAC

I’m passionate about diversity and empowerment. At InvestCloud, we’re all about empowering our customers. Who in turn of course empower their clients, to make better, more informed investment decisions. Our innovative technology enables smart collaboration, provides holistic advice and actionable insights. And when we’re not empowering our clients, we’re empowering our ever-growing InvestCloud community around the globe. Everything we do is designed with an understanding of local culture, context and regulation in mind. As a Chinese-American with roots in the US, Europe and Asia, I am passionate about capturing best practices and experiences from around the world to help wealth managers make an impact on their clients.

A photograph of Becky Kirby playing tennis

Becky Kirby

General Manager, Europe

At my core I thrive on solving complex problems by building high-performing teams and an environment for success. Be it on the sports field, in the Board Room or in my kitchen wondering what on earth to prepare for dinner… I believe that with passion, determination and the right people alongside you extraordinary things can be achieved. I love working at InvestCloud because our bread and butter is solving problems and working as a team to create future proof innovative solutions that take our clients to the next level. I am extremely proud to lead the UK division of InvestCloud and to work alongside such an incredibly diverse and gifted team.

A photo of Cheryl Nash smiling and looking to the right

Cheryl Nash

Chief Customer Executive

I love being part of this industry and have built an amazing community and network.  I can leverage this network for experiences, growth and support.  At InvestCloud, we are building an amazing community of manufacturers and distributors who can leverage our network to grow AUM and deepen their involvement in financial services.

A photograph of Kapin Vora and his family and dog in coordinating red and black flannel Christmas outfits

Kapin Vora

Chief Customer Success Officer

Having spent two decades helping clients transform wealth management, business driving and transformation is at my core. My role at InvestCloud allows me to do both. As the Chief Client Success Officer, I am responsible for driving success and growth with existing clients.

Photograph of Jules Bowden celebrating with coworkers overlaid with a light blue filter

Jules Bowden

Chief Technology Officer

What I love most about InvestCloud is the combination of serious commitment to excellence with an unbridled ability to have fun, and that’s how we founded it to be. While I’ve been on this journey for most of the last three decades, InvestCloud is the first company with unbounded technological freedom – when we say everything is possible, we mean it.

A photograph of Brett Heinz and his partner in front of the Colosseum in Rome, overlaid with a blue filter

Brett Heinz

Chief Development and Engineering Officer, Digital Wealth

Beyond being a doughnut aficionado, I’m a lifelong nonconformist who insists on challenging conventional thinking and will be the first to question when told something can’t be done. For the previous five years, I have made InvestCloud my home, contributing to our ‘new think’ culture and helping to prove that with the right approach, it is always possible. I’m passionate about my family, UX, working with colleagues that push the boundaries of technology and creating solutions that add value to our customers’ daily lives. And, as I mentioned before, doughnuts.

A formal photograph of Michael Roth and his family on the beach

Michael Roth

Chief Product Officer, Digital Wealth

Entrepreneurship runs through my veins (In addition to a lot of coffee, Nitro anyone?). From the decade I spent as a derivatives trader leveraging technology to augment trading innovation to the decade spent running RetireUp (A retirement technology company acquired by InvestCloud). I love creating, building and delivering value to better the lives of people and businesses. I love it so much that I moved my wife and 3 kids from the Midwest to the West Coast to immerse myself within the InvestCloud culture. The company’s passion for entrepreneurship rivals mine with its innovative, creative and risk-taking values. I am more convinced than ever that entrepreneurial thinking merged with technology (Supported with a lot of coffee, espresso anyone?) can change the financial future of each individual client we touch.

A photograph of Frederick Duden smiling, sitting atop a mountain, with a view of other snowy mountains in the background

Frederick Duden

Chief Product Officer, APL

I am a person who has passion for many things including music, outdoors and athletics. I adore spending time with my children and helping them grow. My role within Product allows for me to bring the building blocks from across the company together in innovative ways that benefit prospects and clients.

A photograph, overlaid with a blue filter, of Nicole Nakashian smiling and pointing to her socks, which have a pattern of her face printed on them

Nicole Nakashian

Chief Operating Officer

Throughout my career, I’ve been passionate about the confluence of client service and technology. As the head of the Platform Division at InvestCloud, I ensure we deliver a secure and scalable infrastructure combined with a client-centric support team driven to exceed expectations. When I’m not working alongside my colleagues, you can find me on the sidelines cheering on my daughters at their lacrosse games and gymnastics meets.

A photograph of Justin Petzold, wearing hiking gear and a daypack, standing atop a mountain with a view of mountains in the background

Justin Petzold

Chief Legal Officer

I’m a lawyer second, and everything else first. At work, that means that while my title at InvestCloud is Chief Legal Officer my legal skill set is just a perspective on the same mission statement that everyone here at InvestCloud shares. That’s what I love about being here. We’re all working to create beautiful, sophisticated, and super cool solutions for our clients, and I feel like I’m part of a family that speaks a unique language. From the top of the chain to our latest young hire, the passion of the people at this company never relents. And since I truly believe that a company is nothing more and nothing less than its people, I can’t imagine a better place to be.

Lee Nicholls

Co-Chief Development & Engineering Officer, Digital Wealth

Lee Nicholls is a highly accomplished technology leader currently serving as the Co-Chief Development & Engineering Officer, Digital Wealth in Europe and Asia. His extensive experience in the financial industry includes pivotal roles such as InvestCloud’s Chief Technology Officer, Trading and Portfolio Management, CTO at Tegra118, and as both Managing Director and CTO of Post Trade Services at Bank of America, along with his tenure as CTO, EMEA Global Markets. Recognized for his strategic contributions and leadership, Lee’s expertise in financial technology continues to drive the advancement of digital wealth solutions, solidifying his role as a visionary in the tech landscape of the financial sector.